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Elige a tu nueva pareja en el escaparete pop up retail mec.com


La idea es sencilla el sitio web de contactos adopte-a-mec esta creando un estilo irreverente e irónico para comunicar su web. Para ello han creado esta serie de pop ups para que puedas elegir el nuevo novio y te lo lleves directamente a tu casa ( o a la cama…)


Event Marketing with A Small Job in Barcelona -



Here is the post that our friends of podio create it for show how we use podio in the agency. It also show our new offices that i guess you will like it!!

Enjoy it!!


How do you know when you’ve come up with the perfect marketing campaign idea that your client will love? You could lay on your office couch, have a nap, and wait for your secretary to think of it – à la Don Draper from Mad Man – or you could take the innovative approach of event marketing boutique, A Small Job.

The team at A Small Job have created an Ideas App on Podio to capture their ideas after creative meetings, before voting on them to decide which to pitch their clients. At times they’ve extended this process to include clients from the very beginning. On a recent project with Volkswagen, A Small Job set up a workspace with a team from VW to run the project, from sharing initial ideas to presenting renderings.

Creative Executive Director, Juan Pablo Sánchez has made a great video with his team to show you how they run their company, from handling supplier invoices to managing client projects on Podio:


“The increased transparency made possible by Podio has really improved our clients relations and the process of selecting campaign ideas. We’ve found by sharing a workspace on Podio, our clients understand our creative process better. It’s also a faster way of sharing ideas and selecting the best ones to take forward. As projects proceed Podio’s a great way to present and discuss work with our clients, without having to email things back and forth.” – Juan Pablo Sánchez, Creative Executive Director at A Small Job

This approach has certainly paid dividends for A Small Job. Juan Pablo explains: “we develop really creative ideas, a bit crazy you might say,” a dancing polar bear arriving on Oropesa beach for example. Their recent work for Trident chewing gum has landed them a nomination at the Cannes Lion festival. You can check it out here. The world’s largest puppet show from the Mestalla stadium, at half time between Valencia vs. Barcelona:

The best of January actions – new media – trends in communication


1. Playstation Projection Mapping

I came across this on the Digital Buzz Blog. It’s projection mapping with a nice twist. Instead of being emblazoned across some big building this is done within a confined space, it’s very clever and all done in one take.

2. The Ikea Apartment

Underground/metro/train stations are all the rage for pulling off stunts from flashmobs, to a virtual shopping store to a subway piano and even Ikea themselves are no strangers to using such locations. This time around they whacked it up a notch by building a fully functioning apartment using Ikea products – and even stuck a few real people in there. It’s a bit ‘big brother’ but with less annoying people, and there’s no toilet, but I don’t think Ikea make toilet bowls.

3. Ikea Sleepover

I’m sure you’ve heard of this – there was a Facebook Page called ‘I Wanna Have a Sleepover in Ikea‘ set up over two years ago. Ikea took inspiration from it and gave 100 of their Facebook Fans a chance to win a sleepover in Ikea Essex. It’s almost like crowd sourcing marketing ideas, which is exactly what social media is great for. But for all the great idea’s there’s countless others that are just not worth pursuing. The trick is to find and act upon the right ones.

4. Mini Fan The Flame

Car companies are pushing the boat out with social media, maybe seeing social media as a path to replicating the real world communities that built up around the Harley Davidson or Jeep brands. It’s lead to some interesting developments as you’ll see in the next few points.

This Facebook Campaign from Mini allows fans to win a Mini by liking its page. That sounds pretty dull so far but the Mini you could win is attached to a rope, you will be given a shot of fire to burn through that rope – if the rope breaks, the Mini is yours.

While I’m talking about Mini they did a great little Facebook game called Mini Maps last summer that seemed to have gone un-noticed by many. The game used Google maps to allow players race anywhere in the world. You could build tracks, race friends or even race strangers. The game is still available here.

5. Chevy Sonic Lets Do This

The Chevy Sonic brand are trying to entice consumers to do something new and fork out a fortune on buy a new Chevy Sonic. They’ve done a bunch of stunts so far – thrown one out of a plane, did a kickflip in one and made a music video with Ok Go. But the one that stands out for me is this one, where online clicks helped pushed a Chevy Sonic – attached to a bungee cord – closer to a 100 foot drop. After 2.5 million clicks the car was pushed over the edge. Admittedly I would’ve preferred this to hit the ground or blow up at the push of a click but the public vote/click angle is a very cool move.

6. Fashion Industry Exposed

Without giving too much away, this made me laugh.

7. Reebok Crossfit

This is the worlds largest, and longest, 3D street art created in London at the end of last year for Reebok. It may also give you vertigo.

8. Frog Marketing

Finally I thought this was sufficiently odd for inclusion. A French restaurant had difficulty in overcoming the perception of French cuisine in Russia. It was seen as over priced with small portions and involved frogs. Upon this premise bloggers, journalists, radio DJ’s and food critics were all sent a frog in a container, which caused a bit of a stir online and in the media. The frog could be exchanged for a free meal which earned the restaurant a load of publicity in return. The VO gets a bit OTT towards the end, claiming to have changed the perception of French food forever, but lets forgive it for that.

Reebok Our latest Job


A nice campaign for Reebok and FL stores in Spain. Looking for the next image of the reebok campaing in the street. A street marketing action taking pictures and data entry with our new system based in Android and tablets. in two weeks the results! hope you will like it

We are at full work in the agency


So September is the most stress month of the year for us. We are preparing Four different actions at the same time.

- Trident pointlessfun.- Shadow puppets next week in Valencia stadium a mix of stunt marketing and 3Dmapping of the camp ( yes in camp) will be the first time in the world that someone is going to create this!.. stay tune!..

- General Optica. Stores activation .- Using Interactive games , AR, Kinect and facil recognition systems in order to create a new consumer experience . Also the first time in Spain with this type of action.

- Trident Paintbillboard.- A stunt game that will encourage people to play with a gun By Internet or live.

- Reebook . Store activation.- A guerrilla mkt campaign looking for the new face for Reebook next AD.

And much more new media actions in the pitch. So i´m sorry for not update to much this week the blog.

For this people who will like to know about all this projects a few advance of mockup´s..

Facial recognition technology, what is it, who’s using it and what’s the fuss all about…


Facial recognition technology seems to be making a big entry in street and point of sale marketing strategies and brands such as Coca Cola, Kraft, Adidas and even The Venetian casino in Las Vegas are leading the way.

Adidas will be using the technology in shopping center screens to identify a person’s age in order to better serve ads that are most relevant to them.  If you’re a 60 year old man, chances are you’re not much into flashy hipster style runners…

Kraft will use the technology in face scanning kiosks, depending on your age and gender, it will serve up different suggestions on how to best prepare you Kraft products.

The Venetian resort, hotel and casino in Las Vegas is now using the technology to suggest restaurants, clubs and all types of entertainment to their clients

But what is facial recognition and why is it such a controversial issue?

Facial recognition brings privacy issues because it can allow you to start from an anonymous face and end up sensitive information about any given person, a third of the time.  This was demonstrated by a study from the Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College in Pittsburgh.

In order to better understand the debate it is fundamental to know that there are two types of facial recognition technology.

There is the type that can match you face to your identity, this is primarily used by law enforcement agencies around the world.  Facebook and Google would also fall into this category, they both offer their own photo software which scans your pictures and suggests matches with pictures that include the same people.

The second category of facial recognition technology will only scan you face to get two types of information: gender and age.

The debate rages on but that does not seem to discourage brands such as Coca-Cola and Google to keep experimenting with the first category of facial recognition technology, moreover, the technology is starting to appear in the most unusual way, such as online dating agencies.  Looking for a good looking mate?  Let facial recognition technology take care of your quest.

As we wait for government regulators to step in, those who want to opt out of Facebook facial-recognition features can do so following these 4 easy steps…courtesy or the Los Angeles Times

Daniel Arenas Tello

Opening unconventional Chic Lacoste.- Paris France


Devanlay, textile exclusive licensee of the Lacoste brand, has just celebrated with great pomp the reopening of its flagship store of the 95 Champs Elysees.

Wondrebra point of sale


For the designated brand, we can’t find a better POS stunt than this one!

ADTRENDMAP The perfect tool.-


And here is our latest job called ADTRENDMAP The perfect tool for planners and brand managers. Using the Barcelona metro map. It picks up on cutting-edge trends, instantly bringing the new consumer exciting insights across all media / platfforms.

I invite you to check this work as a tool for planning and manage new campaigns..

ADTRENDMAP has been created with my two friends Joan and Rafa, we gather more than forty years working for brands between Barcelona, Brussels and New York. We share a vision focused on the prosumer as the only protagonist of our marketing efforts.

We belong to three different agencies but we strongly believe in coopetition: the competition based on cooperation. We all needed a simple tool for our customers to understand the new landscape, and the Adtrend Map is the result of that. In the following months we’ll receive enriching feedback from marketers and advertisers like you. Be sure we’ll be pleased to improve the map with all your comments.

Traffic Generation to the POS . General Optica from the street ( asmalljob latest jobs)


And here is our last job for General Óptica.  Is a Roadshow with tha dobble objetive , first generate traffic to the POS , second engagement with the target. When we finish the campaign we will create a white paper in order to show all the different new tools that we have develoop for it.

Engagement of the campaign


our new tool streetmarketingviews online team status.

Point of sales dynamization – Pre-production pictures


And here is our latest job for General Optica. We are preparing a POS roadshow action covering all Spain in one month. we will start next week and we will do some case study as this is going to be the first action of this type in Spain. ( Experience based, online tracking system with our new tool streetmarketingviews and much more)..

Strong ambient marketing Mc Donalds


A massive McMuffin breakfast is being served in New Zealand and according to observers that guerrilla marketing effort takes up quite a bit of space. Bigger is better for sure, maybe not in taste, but certainly in terms of getting attention. A regular McMuffin would actually hit the spot right now.

Un gran desayuno McMuffin se está sirviendo en Nueva Zelanda y de acuerdo a los observadores el esfuerzo de marketing de guerrilla ocupa bastante espacio. Más grande es mejor no cabe duda, tal vez no en el sabor, pero sí en términos de llamar la atención. Un regular McMuffin da en el clavo en este momento.

reference: http://blog.guerrillacomm.com

Nike Marketing experiments-Using facebook places


A little over a month after Facebook made its long-awaited entrance into the location space with Places, experiments from advertisers and local businesses looking to market via check-ins are starting to emerge.

In one of the more creative takes on Places, Nike recently gave “Destroyer Burritos,” or fake burritos stuffed with branded athletic jackets, to fans who checked into a Portland-based Korean taco truck.

Other examples of Places marketing have been a bit more conventional, involving discounts for check-ins. A Silicon Valley shopping mall offered a 15 percent discount on clothing from Betsey Johnson or a chance to win a pair of Jonas Brothers concert tickets to customers who checked into the mall’s Facebook Places page.

Ambient Marketing // Coca cola Zero PLV up-side-down


And here it is a new way to create the typical islands in the supermarkets. Trademarketers are starting to put some creative thinking in is roadmap. So we wellcome them in our agency and we invite them to send us a Briefing!! ;)

Point of sales dynamization. CHANEL New York Sho reopens with graffiti


Tangible interaction.  with Apologue Studio on the reopening of the new CHANEL Soho store in New York. We provided a custom graffiti wall installation to allow the public to tag the walls of the store. The night was packed with actors and models as well as CHANEL fans, staff and designers, including Karl Lagerfeld.

We created two custom 20 foot walls that run on both Wooster and Spring street in Soho. The walls were used by the guests on the night of the opening and during the day for fashion night out. The tags were captured during the night and played for days after.

There is a uncountable number of tweets and magazine articles reporting on the event and the installation.

Traffic generation to the pos. Burberry unveils retail Theatre


BURBERRY has unveiled a new Retail Theatre concept with virtual trunk shows, allowing customers to buy live from the spring/summer 2011 show.

“We are really excited to be launching BurberryRetail Theatre enabling the first ever live simultaneous virtual trunk shows in our stores globally,” says the label’s chief creative officerChristopher Bailey. “This concept allows us to broadcast our multi faceted content all over the world, directly to our stores, creating a modern and pure brand environment. Customers at the exclusive in-store digital events will experience the clothes, the music, the energy and the atmosphere in real time and have the unique opportunity to receive their orders in just seven weeks.”

The new Retail Theatre will broadcast the label’s spring/summer 2011 show directly into 25 worldwide flagship stores on September 21. Following the private viewing, customers will be able to browse the collection on iPads where they can buy pieces directly.

“Burberry Retail Theatre is at the heart of our retail growth strategy,” says ceo Angela Ahrendts. “This investment in cutting edge technology in partnership with Verizon enables us to more closely connect the Burberry brand with our consumers worldwide. This interactive retail investment will enable long term sustainable growth well beyond these exciting global digital events.”

Customers invited to the in-store trunk shows will receive digital invitations with a personal video message from Christopher Bailey today.

Source: http://www.vogue.co.uk/

Music experience With Levi´s


Time to drop in at the Levi’s Soundwash Laundry in Hong Kong. What is it? Well, it’s an online interactive brand and music experience – from TBWA\Tequila – for Square Cut line jeans which lets visitors select a nice pair of legwear… and then ‘Soundwash’ them with some decent music.

There’s also a for-real Soundwash Laundry pop-up store in the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district, along with limited edition packaging and gift accessories.
Plus the brand has rolled out a Soundwash iPhone app which includes a game where friends can compete with each other and see who can Soundwash the most jeans within 30 seconds (as you do) to music from Hong Kong rock band Mr.’s. The top scorer each week gets a pair of Levi’s Square Cut jeans, of course.
And there’s a viral video.

WE ARE BACK!! Ibutterfly augmented reality


IButterfly is a japanese app that invites people to chase augmented reality butterflies. Some of the butterflies had discount coupons on them, while others carried information. Each region had it’s own breed, allowing people to collect and exchange the virtual insect.

IButterfly is a japanese app that invites people to chase augmented reality butterflies. Some of the butterflies had discount coupons on them, while others carried information. Each region had it’s own breed, allowing people to collect and exchange the virtual insect.

Point of sales Dynamization Levi´s sales promotion (event Marketing)


Levi’s has begun to use some interesting event marketing on Facebook to promote sales on its web site, as well as its stores via its Facebook Page and profile advertisements.

As we’ve noted previously, Levi’s has been particularly active on Facebook, working with the company to premiere the social plugins on its web site and using the Facebook to promote its presence at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin earlier this year.

The profile advertisements ask users to RSVP to a sale, for example a recent ad read: “RSVP ‘Yes’ for 30% off at Levi’s Castro Store this Thursday (7/15) – Sunday (7/18) only! Plenty of street parking.” There’s also an option to Like the ad.

Visiting the event’s landing page reveals that thousands of people have responded to the ads, which apparently aim to convert Facebook fans into brick and mortar customers. The page includes obvious information — such as time, location and sale information — but also a Wall, a list of people attending (with thumbnails) and maps with store locations. On the Wall Facebook users discuss their favorite products, give thanks for the sale or just generally enthuse about the promotion.

Levi’s is also advertising Internet-only sales on its Facebook Page. Links provided on status updates and Wall posts take users to the company’s web site, which also implements Facebook social plugins.

So, conceivably, it’s possible to participate in the entire cycle of Levi’s Facebook marketing by responding to the event advertisement, which appears in the activity feed, then responding to a status update or Wall post and Liking something on the web site, which also appears in the news feed.

What’s not included in this campaign is a location-based service tied to advertising, like what you services like Foursquare providing — some sort of way for users to “check in” to Levi’s using a mobile device and share that information back with friends. Perhaps we’ll see something like that, soon? Facebook is already working with McDonald’s on something similar as part of its forthcoming location-based service.

[Update: Per questions, below, we asked Facebook how this fits in with its Promotions Guidelines managing “sweepstakes, contest, competition or other similar offerings.” Facebook tells us that “since this is a coupon and not a promotion, it doesn’t fall under our Promotions Guidelines at this time.”

Chevrolet´s Flying car


The future is here: we have flying cars! Well, this Chevrolet Spark actually only flies when set above a huge propeller, but they’ve made their point. This stunt happened in Mexico City.

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