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Learn how to design storytelling events easier, faster and more visual during our Event Storyboard canvas workshops. We provide various in-depth workshops that teach you how to design storytelling events. Attendees will receive official ESB certifications based on the followed workshop. To make sure you are selecting the workshop that suits you best, We'd love to ask you some questions. Please fill in the questionnaire and we will give you a personalised offer!

Available workshops:

Discover ESB

✅Learn how to use the ESB with your team

✅Craftsman Certificate


Create ESB

✅Fully facilitated ESB session for your event!

✅Craftsman Certificate


Facilitate ESB

✅Learn how to facilitate an ESB session for your clients

✅Artisan Certificate 


Martijn Timmermans
Founder / Facilitator ESB

Martijn Timmermans (1971) Founder of Event StoryBoard canvas and The Red Line Project, an Amsterdam based experience design agency. Martijn started his career in experience marketing at Disneyland Paris, Marriott and Singapore Airlines, and transitioning into events as a meeting designer and facilitator.  In 2014 he won the Fresh Conference award for best meeting design with a 'Storytelling around the campfire session'.





Tim Carporaal
Founder / Facilitator ESB

Tim Corporaal (1989) Founder of Event StoryBoard canvas and conceptual manager at Amsterdam based experience design agency, The Red Line Project. After branding De Hallen in Amsterdam (a top 20 centre for the arts, crafts, fashion and food) he went on to focus on storytelling and experience design. After researching visual storytelling at top dutch music events, it became his mission to make all events more meaningful and storytelling.





Juan Pablo Sánchez
Spanish Facilitator ESB

Juan Pablo Sanchez (1973) Executive Creative Director and founder of A Small Job . With more than a 14 years of experience in communication and events, Juan Pablo is known as a Master Yedi in his field. By combining his strategic and creative powers he’s been able to amaze top brands worldwide, with which he has been included in the shortlist of Cannes 2012.





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